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Robust, secure technology is critical to business success. Stable, secure IT platforms are essential for maintaining productivity together with an organization’s reputation.

About Uwaco

Due to the development in IT coming up with unpredictable cyber risk, as an experienced IT provider, Uwaco delivers Cyber Security and Secured Software development and integration services.

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Cyber Security

UWACO Cameroon provides a suite of cyber security services to its customers to help them protect their information and information systems against attacks. Our areas of cyber expertise include IT corporate network security, physical security, industrial security, advanced penetration testing, secured software development lifecycle, and IAM PKI governance regulation compliance.

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Software Development and                                       Integration

We bring together various types of software sub-systems so that they create unified single systems and we help in migrating from a legacy system to a new database system, including cloud-based data storage.

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Why Choose Us

UWACO is a Cyber Security and Software Development integrating and  specializing in providing businesses worldwide with custom Information Technology solutions.

Great Maintenance

Create periodic check of all the elements that make up the installation (SVIS) and periodic check on your network/systems.

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We work to protect the organization's information, and data privacy, protecting and improving your driving experience.

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We provide QQS (Quantity, Quality, and Style) Services

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